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My MBA Journey: A Story of Aspirations, Networking, and Growth

08,MAR 2024

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Student Life

My name is Shiv Sharma, and I'm a student here at FIIB. I'm originally from New Delhi, and after graduating with a BA from Delhi University, I set out to carve my path in the world of business. My background lies in Digital Marketing and HR. For several years, I honed my skills in the HR department at DLF Limited, but I hit a roadblock when I realized that I needed an MBA in my career.

The Importance of an MBA

I've always had high aspirations for my career, but the lack of an MBA meant I wasn't considered for specific opportunities. I struggled to climb the corporate ladder, constantly feeling like I was missing out because I didn't have that MBA tag. It was tough seeing my colleagues getting ahead while I felt stuck. The sting of company rejection became a frequent reality. This experience underscored a crucial truth—an MBA wasn't just a 'maybe' anymore; it was the key to unlocking the doors to top positions.

Finding the Perfect Fit and Why FIIB?

Coming from a middle-class family, formal education held immense value. The search for the ideal MBA program began. That's when I stumbled upon FIIB, a place that felt like home from the moment I set foot on campus. With its affordable tuition, stellar placement record, and emphasis on practical learning, FIIB was exactly what I was looking for. Through LinkedIn, I connected with current students and alumni, gaining invaluable insights into the true essence of the FIIB experience. The vibrant campus culture, brimming with energy and constant activity, further solidified my decision.

Experience at FIIB: Energy, Opportunity, and Growth

From day one, FIIB radiated positive energy. Something was always happening, and I knew I had found my tribe. I was elected as the Employability Representative for my batch. This role thrust me into the heart of the Placement Cell and Learning and Development department, where I actively contributed to enhancing student employability. I interacted with recruiters, organized online business sessions with guest speakers, and hosted author talks – all facilitated through the power of LinkedIn. FIIB not only nurtured my existing passion for networking but also provided the platform to improve my skills.

Growth, Networking & ITC

One of the most valuable lessons I learned at FIIB was the importance of networking. With LinkedIn and a proactive mindset, I contacted industry professionals, recruiters, and alumni, building a key professional network. This networking opened doors for me, landing an internship at ITC Limited Foods Division. I truly advocate for spending quality time on platforms like LinkedIn, to strategically connect with recruiters and professionals in desired fields. My own experience is proof of its effectiveness – within a few months of active networking, I built a database of over 400 valuable email contacts. But it's not just about connections – crafting compelling messages is equally crucial. Mastering the art of communication, along with the strong interpersonal skills and soft skills that I gained from FIIB, is the key to transforming connections into tangible opportunities.

My journey at FIIB wasn't just about personal success but about lifting others along the way. I noticed that many of my classmates weren't leveraging LinkedIn to its full potential, so I made it my mission to share my strategies with them. I hope to help them unlock their paths to success by encouraging them to connect with recruiters and industry experts.

The Road Ahead: Dreams, Goals, and Beyond

As I look to the future, I see endless possibilities. My ultimate goal is to become a consultant, helping businesses navigate challenges and thrive. FIIB hasn't just equipped me with the necessary knowledge but also provided the platform to develop essential skills like effective communication and strategic thinking. The internship I secured at ITC Limited's Foods Division in their Strategy and Growth team directly results from the opportunities and guidance provided by FIIB. This is just the beginning of my journey, and I'm incredibly grateful to FIIB for participating in it.

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